Kaeley Fiorentino’s New Registered Dietitian Degree

pictured above: Kaeley Fiorentino with Executive Director James Runyan and Clinical Director Lynn Corey

This month, we’re celebrating Kaeley Fiorentino, who recently received her Registered Dietitian credential. We’re so thankful that she is a member of the Hidden River team! We recently had the opportunity to chat with Kaeley about her achievement and what it means to her work with our patients.

Let’s get to know Kaeley Fiorentino!

Why did you decide to pursue dietetics?

I was drawn to pursue a career in dietetics because of my strong interest in nutrition and science. My passion developed from my own experiences working with a dietitian. I have such a passion for helping people improve their relationship with food and encouraging young girls and women to make healthy decisions and successfully navigate the real pressures of diet culture.

What does this new degree mean to you?

This credential means that I now have the opportunity to offer real benefit to the lives of so many people through nutrition education and counseling. I can now proudly say that I am a Registered Dietitian who promotes a realistic and healthy relationship with food.  

What led you to treat patients with eating disorders?

I am a strong believer in helping girls and women pursue healthy food habits as a means to support a vibrant lifestyle. Helping them is such an honor and privilege. 

Kaeley Fioerentino, RD | Hidden River eating disorder treatment center

pictured above: James Runyan (Executive Director), Dr. Minion (Associate Psychiatrist), Dr. Francisco (Medical Director), Lynn Corey (Clinical Director) , Stacie Rokosny (Director of Nursing) , Julianne Ryan (nurse), Paola Ogando (Therapist), Alexis Land (Therapist), Gabrielle Andolino (Therapist), Lauren Giangrasso (Therapist), Holly Greenberg (RD), and Kaeley Fiorentino (RD)

How does your Registered Dietitian degree impact your work?

Having this degree allows me to have a meaningful impact on people’s lives. This credential means that I can share my knowledge and hope with our patients. It shows my commitment to healthy living and credibility to the information I share in the treatment environment.

What do you like most about your work as a Registered Dietitian at Hidden River?

I love getting to build such strong connections with all of the patients. I am able to see my patients daily and really get to know them, allowing me to provide the most optimal care. Additionally, the team at Hidden River is so welcoming and accepting. Through our collaborative work together, I am continuously learning from each and everyone of them. 

Lastly, do you have any advice for someone who would like to pursue this degree and career path in the future?

My biggest piece of advice to all of the future eating disorder Registered Dietitians is to always remember the end goal. Never lose sight of why you are doing all of this hard work! The journey is long and challenging, but the end result is truly remarkable. Achieving a Registered Dietitian credential allows me to follow through with my dream of serving others. This is the most rewarding achievement that I have had the pleasure of doing. 

A big congratulations to Kaeley Fiorentino!

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