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Therapy Program

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Our interdisciplinary team members collaborate to provide a multi-faceted treatment approach.

The psychotherapy program is designed around healthy relationships. The assigned therapist will begin the patient’s treatment program by first gaining a full understanding of their family, developmental, social, psychological, and emotional histories. The therapist strives to understand the patient’s complexities and determine the core issues facilitating the eating disorder. Through the skillful application of the psychotherapy resources and pro-recovery relationship skills, the therapist will guide the patient to consider that recovery is possible.
The integrative and comprehensive psychotherapy program includes:

Individual Psychotherapy

Two times weekly, or more if indicated

Family Psychotherapy

One time weekly, or more, if indicated

Group Psychotherapy

Three to four clinical groups per day

Anxiety & Depression Reduction Education

Skills-based groups

Consistent Communication

Regular communication with outpatient treatment teams and providers

Behaviorally Progressive

A structured program to support the patient in increasing degrees of independence and responsibility of recovery

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Committed to and passionate

The staff at Hidden River is knowledgeable, available, responsive, caring and compassionate, to both the patients and their families. Our daughter’s therapist was exceptional, achieving a level of understanding and compassion with our daughter that no other therapist has achieved. She also took the time to teach us how to best support our daughter, and helped us understand how and why taking a less active role could be most effective. She taught us this difficult lesson with unmatched compassion and understanding of how difficult parenting can be. The nursing staff is very knowledgeable and available 24 hours per day. The nurses did an excellent job explaining things to me from both a medical and mental health perspective. They were compassionate to both my daughter and to me. From my first phone call to Hidden River to my daughter’s last day there, it was evident that Hidden River was committed to and passionate about helping patients recover from eating disorders. We feel very blessed that Hidden River played a critical role in our daughter’s recovery.

Truly changed my life

Hidden River truly changed my life. I was seen as more than just an eating disorder. I was a person whose overall health and wellness was sincerely cared about. They saw me as someone that I couldn’t even see myself as, and they helped me gain my life back. I’m now living in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. No one wants to be in treatment, but I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I can’t say enough good things about Hidden River.

Only the best things to say

I do want you to know that I have only the best things to say about Hidden River. You are one of the only programs that I know that was stronger than my eating disorder, and I was super impressed that you never gave into my eating disorder even when I was being super bratty.

Progressive and cutting edge

The therapeutic process at Hidden River is progressive and cutting edge. It’s a family therapy model and that part is hard. You have to be willing to look at yourself, your family system and what role you’ve played in your daughter’s mental health. But, I can’t imagine true recovery without that level of digging. The primary therapists are amazing. The Registered Dieticians are so knowledgeable. We are deeply grateful to her team. They all chose a very difficult line of work. For our family, they offered a lifeline when we needed it most.