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Hidden River truly changed my life. Every single staff member is so kind, caring, empathetic, and supportive. My needs were always heard and cared about by everyone there. Through treatment at Hidden River, I got my life back. I could not be more grateful for all of the therapists, dietitians, Recovery Assistants, psychiatrists, and nurses. Every single person wanted to help me and made sure I had everything I needed. There was 24/7 support. Everyone here was nothing but encouraging and positive. They made the impossible possible for me. I am so lucky to have received treatment here. They helped me to beat my eating disorder and get my life back.
I will be thanking Hidden River staff for the rest of my life! The therapists and dietitians are top tier, and I felt welcomed and at home here immediately. The environment is supportive, kind, and so so helpful. I would 100% recommend to any teen girl struggling with an eating disorder.
My daughter just completed 7weeks at Hidden River. It was transformative for her. The staff helped her by challenging some of her worst ED thoughts and to learn coping skills. They are excellent at communicating and explaining what they are recommending for treatment. The environment is very supportive.The grounds and house are beautiful which is an added bonus.
I’m beyond grateful for my experience at Hidden River. I could not ask for a better team to help me with my journey. 24/7 support and care. The staff makes it so apparent that they care and I’m so lucky to have had the opportunity to meet them. The house is beautiful inside and out, and the cleaning staff is incredible. The scenery is relaxing and beautiful. I recommend Hidden River to anyone looking for a Residential it is the best place to begin your recovery. The things I have learned here will stay with me forever.
I never thought recovery was possible for me, but Hidden River proved to me it was. I’ve grown in ways I thought were impossible, I haven’t felt this happy in a very long time and the team at HR is to thank for that, I’m so glad I chose them as a step in my recovery and I am so grateful for all the work they put into me individually
My daughter just completed her second stay at Hidden River. We are very satisfied with her stay and the progress she has made. We found the staff to be competent and supportive. Recovery is very hard for the patient and the family. Our daughter's Hidden River treatment team: therapist, psychiatrist, and dietitian, were all working collaboratively with her, with us, and with her outpatient team. They saw her as a person beyond her eating disorder, and worked very hard to help her get back on her feet. I would highly recommend Hidden River to anyone who is struggling with an eating disorder.
I am posting without my full name to protect my child's anonymity. Hidden River is wonder place that met my child where they are. The team there worked with my child day in and day out in a highly personalized way support them through some very rough ups and downs. My child ended up safe and much better prepared to work on living the rest of their life. Most important, the team at Hidden River really cared about and gave a lot of love to our family.Parent of Hidden River client, Fall 2023
Hidden River provides such a unique atmosphere for patients to heal from their eating disorders. From the incredible leadership team, to the beautiful location, you can feel as confident as possible trusting them to provide top-notch care. The leadership team is extremely dedicated to patients and their families, and truly want nothing but the best for them both during their stay and after discharge. Jennifer Vargas, the Director of Business Development & Admissions, is so welcoming, friendly, and approachable, and works hard to ensure that patients are able to be admitted as soon as possible. The therapists are full of knowledge about the eating disorders field, and the curriculum they follow for group therapy is very thorough, covering a wide variety of different therapies and skills. The dietitians work with patients that have all different dietary needs, including Kosher, vegetarian, and gluten-free diets, given documentation of food allergies in order to ensure there are no eating disorder behaviors that have led to these specialty diets. They also engage in culinary skills training with their patients, which gets them ready to adapt back into the real world upon discharge. Nurses are available 24/7, providing patients with support not only for their physical health, but are also often a listening ear for their mental health as well. There are various Recovery Assistants (RA’s) available 24/7 too, and with their different personalities, patients tend to build strong connections with them and value their support both during and outside of meals/snacks.Family support plays a vital role in eating disorder recovery, and it is clear that Hidden River understands that. By having weekly family therapy, family meals, and family outings to restaurants, as well as frequent communication from the entire treatment team directly to guardians without the patient present, the family is constantly made aware of updates regarding their child. Despite not having cell phone access, there are many opportunities to stay connected.Hidden River views each patient as an individual with her own needs, wants, desires, and preferences. Depending on health status, patients can engage in different activities outside, which is a great way to incorporate a sense of normalcy and get fresh air to clear their minds. Patients can determine what they are going to eat throughout the week, with the support of their dietitian, which gives them a sense of control in a situation that might feel very out of control.While there have been many changes to Hidden River throughout the years, it remains clear that it is still a great treatment program and facility. It can be difficult to differentiate between what is and is not “fair” (i.e., being marked incomplete when only a little food is left, lack of media, etc.), but there is no negotiating with eating disorders, and it is important to remember that. However, while the professionals at Hidden River are experts in eating disorders, they also recognize that the patients and their families are the experts on themselves, and work cooperatively to provide the best treatment experience possible.
I was weary of Hidden River as I was looking through the reviews before I went. Now discharged, I can officially say it helped me immensely overcome ED thoughts, behaviors, and gave me a new perspective on how I view things. The policies and rules are changing every so often, as do staff, but I believe they are changing for the better. I came in lost, hopeless, and using negative behaviors, and came out finding who I actually was, with light in my eyes and hope for the future-recovery. Lynn, the clinical director, is very kind but knowledgeable, and she takes all questions, comments, and complaints seriously. The staff and clinical/nutrition team are professionally trained and skilled in dealing with eating disorders, yet they are very compassionate. They adequately prepare you for returning to the home environment, and make sure you are safe to leave before you leave. I am forever thankful for this facility, and I would recommend it to anyone who is in need of a higher level of care.
Hidden River is an amazing and special place. They helped my daughter overcome her eating disorder. The admissions director did an amazing job working with our insurance company to obtain a single case agreement. Other residential facilities would benefit from following their treatment approach.
5 stars they r awesom
Hidden River saved my life. The staff is amazing. I stayed for 3 months and everyone there became like family to me. The environment is so comforting and all the groups are really helpful if you're willing to participate and accept that help. Of course its not all gonna be smooth sailing but recovery is hard. Hidden River made it just a little bit easier. They fought for my life when I couldn't. Thank you Hidden River. <3