Our Program


Family Involvement

At Hidden River, family is viewed as an integral part of treatment. We provide the following for our patients’ family members and loved ones:

  • Orientation for family members upon admission, including introduction to team members and a tour of the facility
  • Utilization of family as support for patient in treatment
  • Individualized family therapy designed to increase family members’ understanding of eating disorders, improve communication between patient and family, and address difficult family dynamics or interactions in a non-judgmental manner

Therapy, Nutrition, Psychiatric and Medical Care


Our interdisciplinary team members collaborate to provide a multi-faceted treatment approach:



  • Integrative and comprehensive psychotherapy approach
  • Treatment modalities include psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral, and mindfulness and acceptance-based therapy models, all with the goal of interrupting unhealthy behaviors and promoting adaptive coping skills and a stronger sense of self
  • Individual psychotherapy and/or family therapy three times per week
  • Daily group psychotherapy, skills-based groups and psycho-educational groups
  • Weekly art therapy groups
  • Mindfulness groups and daily mindful walks
  • Behavioral level system that provides a structured path for progressing through treatment and gaining increasing degrees of independence and responsibility

Nutrition Counseling and Education

  • Comprehensive nutrition evaluation by registered dietitian (RD)
  • Individualized meal plans prescribed by RD and physician to aid nutritional rehabilitation
  • Staff-supported meals and snacks including exposure to food-related challenges and practicing portioning when clinically appropriate
  • Meals prepared by in-house chefs
  • Individual nutrition counseling 2-3 times per week
  • Weekly nutrition education group
  • Mastery of a variety of practical and social situations involving eating, such as restaurant outings, take-out, cooking and meal preparation

Medical Assessment and Treatment

  • 24-hour nursing care
  • Daily medical monitoring and addressing of any medical complications related to the eating disorder
  • Normalization of general medical status
  • Medical management of the nutritional rehabilitation process
  • Weekly nursing education group
  • Guidance in developing and encouragement of sustaining a healthy lifestyle

Psychiatric Treatment

  • Comprehensive psychiatric evaluation
  • Psychotropic medication management as clinically indicated, targeting the eating disorder and any co-occurring psychiatric disorders
  • Individual visits with psychiatrist, at least weekly
  • Family meetings with psychiatrist

Additional Therapeutic Activities


  • Supervised physical exercise when clinically appropriate, with emphasis on integrating healthy exercise into daily living
  • Greenhouse gardening group
  • Therapeutic leisure outings and passes
  • Weekly pet therapy
  • Recreational activities on our grounds: expanded walking trail, frisbee golf course, and other outdoor games.

School Program

Each Hidden River patient in middle school or high school receives individualized academic programming 2 hours per day, Monday through Friday.  School sessions are led by a certified teacher who consults with the patient's school district and guidance counselor to determine what assignments are needed.  Our goal is to assist each patient in catching up or staying up to date with her school’s course curriculum for her grade level.