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Hidden River, located in Chester, New Jersey, is a residential program providing intensive treatment services for girls and young women with eating disorders. Our mission is to provide a treatment program for recovery and healing for individuals struggling with eating disorders and related mental health difficulties. We approach each client with the firm belief that, with the right support and treatment, one can fully recover from an eating disorder and lead a productive, prosperous, and peaceful life. Though this capacity may be suppressed, even hidden from clients’ view by their suffering, our dedicated team of specialists helps them access it as a powerful current that can carry them to wellness.

Come join our experienced, diverse, and passionate interdisciplinary treatment team! At Hidden River, we value the unique skillsets and traits that each person brings to the recovery process. We strive to:

  • provide a safe and comfortable space where staff can cultivate their talents and grow both personally and professionally. 
  • ensure that every member of our team feels appreciated and heard.
  • support each other and work together to create a rewarding and fulfilling workplace that is defined by empathy and healing.
  • treat everyone equally, regardless of position or title. 

We believe that every single member of our team plays a key role in our patient’s treatment and recovery. You will learn from a leadership team with combined decades of experience in the eating disorder field. Plus, you will be able to enjoy a beautiful, peaceful campus that is surrounded by nature and wildlife.

We are currently looking for the following team members to join our staff. We offer competitive pay, health benefits, and paid time off. Please see the open positions below and send an email to jvargas@hiddenriverhealing.com with a cover letter and resume if you are interested in applying.

Primary Therapist (Full-time; Part-time)

Our Primary Therapists coordinate the treatment and care being delivered to patients. Primary Therapist duties include providing individual, family, and group therapy; providing meal support; treatment planning in collaboration with the other members of the team; discharge planning; and collaboration with referring providers.

At least two years of experience providing individual and family therapy is required. Experience treating patients with eating disorders is strongly preferred. Experience working with adolescents and/or in a 24-hour care setting is also strongly preferred. Master's Degree in counseling, social work, or psychology required. LAC or LSW required. LPC or LCSW preferred.

Recovery Assistant (Full-time; Part-time)

Recovery Assistants (RAs) provide supervision and support to patients in the treatment milieu throughout the day, evening, and night and help maintain safety in the facility. RAs supervise patients’ daily activities (including meals), implement treatment interventions under the direction of the clinical team, and conduct patient rounds.

A college degree is required. Experience treating patients with eating disorders or working in another behavioral healthcare setting is strongly preferred.


"I do want you to know that I have only the best things to say about Hidden River. You are one of the only programs that I know that was stronger than my eating disorder, and I was super impressed that you never gave into my eating disorder even when I was being super bratty."

- E.J.

“With much gratitude we are in such a different place that we were a year ago. Thank you for saving my daughter this summer. There is still work to do but without you all we wouldn’t be here.”

- C.D.

“The staff at Hidden River is knowledgeable, available, responsive, caring and compassionate, to both the patients and their families. Dr. Willis’ firm and direct way of speaking to and caring for the patients is effective. He is also kind, compassionate and non-judgmental. He has a sweet way of bonding with the patients when appropriate, which nicely offsets is direct manner and let’s the patients know he cares about them and is committed to their recovery. Our daughter’s therapist was exceptional, achieving a level of understanding and compassion with our daughter that no other therapist has achieved. She also took the time to teach us how to best support our daughter, and helped us understand how and why taking a less active role could be most effective. She taught us this difficult lesson with unmatched compassion and understanding of how difficult parenting can be. The nursing staff is very knowledgeable and available 24 hours per day. The nurses did an excellent job explaining things to me from both a medical and mental health perspective. They were compassionate to both my daughter and to me.

- M.H.

"Hidden River truly changed my life. I was seen as more than just an eating disorder- I was a person whose overall health and wellness was sincerely cared about. They saw me as someone that I couldn’t even see myself as, and they helped me gain my life back. I’m now living in a way that I didn’t even know was possible. No one wants to be in treatment, but I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I can’t say enough good things about Hidden River."

- J.L.

"I want to thank you so much for providing my daughter with such an effective and comprehensive program as well as a caring and supportive environment. She has learned and grown so much in the last six weeks. She feels confident and ready to come home. She’s also very sad about leaving her therapist, who has taught us both so many valuable skills. We are forever grateful for this experience and know that my daughter’s future is so much brighter having gone through this program."

- A.J.

“The therapeutic process at Hidden River is progressive and cutting edge. It’s a family therapy model and that part is hard. You have to be willing to look at yourself, your family system and what role you’ve played in your daughter’s mental health. But, I can’t imagine true recovery without that level of digging. The primary therapists are amazing. The Registered Dieticians are so knowledgeable. And, Dr. Willis is smart, caring, and has a vast clinical background. He can make a fairly quick diagnosis and get your daughter on the right track. We felt like he deeply cared about her, took the time to get to know her and wanted for her to recover. He combines a therapeutic approach with a pharmaceutical approach if necessary, and it was necessary in our daughter’s case. We are deeply grateful to her team and to Dr. Willis. They all chose a very difficult line of work. For our family, they offered a lifeline when we needed it most.”

- J.D.