How Patients at Hidden River Experience the Outdoors: Part Two

As we discussed in last month’s blog post, the beautiful Hidden River property plays a major role in our patients’ treatment during their time with us. Today, we want to showcase some additional recreational activities on our grounds, including the expanded walking trail, frisbee golf course, and other outdoor games. 

Recreational Activities at Hidden River

Walking Trail

There is a new walking trail for patients to enjoy during their twice-daily mindful walks. We’ve added handcrafted log benches that border the meandering path and are also scattered throughout the property, which can be used for outdoor sessions in a private setting. Additionally, patients on Level 3 may use the walking path for their daily independent walks.

Previously, patient walks were along the driveway. Thanks to this update, patients can now enjoy a groomed pathway that weaves through the grounds, includes a view of the pond and can be used year-round. 

Frisbee Golf Course

With eight holes, the frisbee golf course takes about 20 to 25 minutes to complete. Patients participate in an individual session or process group afterwards. The course can be a fun group activity, while also providing another opportunity for mindfulness practice, and  can also challenge a patient’s idea of perfectionism

Other Games: Tetherball, Horseshoe Games, Croquet Field, Cornhole Games, Four Square, and Basketball Court

In addition to walks, patients enjoy supervised time outdoors twice a day, weather permitting. During  these leisure times, patients can relax on one of our patios or participate in these games and activities. During the winter months, when they are unable to play the games, patients can go sledding on the surrounding fields. 

We are so happy to share these new updates and welcome any additional questions about the recreational activities and our program at Hidden River.

Now Accepting New Patients

It’s no secret that the demand for eating disorder treatment has increased in recent years. In order to better serve this need, we have increased our patient threshold and now have openings for immediate admission into our program. We offer expert, compassionate treatment with a focus on family involvement at a beautifully-designed facility. Along with the expansive grounds and various outdoor living spaces, this peaceful environment emphasizes the importance of healing and recovery. If you or your loved one needs residential eating disorder treatment in New Jersey, please reach out to our admissions team today.

Visit our website to learn more about eating disorder treatment at Hidden River.

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