How Patients at Hidden River Experience the Outdoors: Part One

When our patients and their families arrive at Hidden River, they are immediately surrounded by lush greenery, towering trees, a serene stream and pond, and various types of wildlife. It is important to our team that patients truly experience nature during their time in treatment. With that in mind, we have recently completed some changes to our grounds and added a number of outdoor recreational activities. This month, we want to highlight two exciting additions to our property: the labyrinth and the greenhouse. 

Recent Outdoor Changes to the Hidden River Property


This unique space is used for emotional regulation, contemplation and mindfulness practice. It is also a resource for group-based and individual interventions, including trauma work. It is handmade, 60 feet in diameter, and available for use year-round due to the well-maintained, weather-proofed pathway. 


One of our chefs, who is also an experienced gardener, leads a weekly group in the fully-functioning greenhouse. Our staff utilize it as an opportunity to talk with patients about the metaphors inherent to gardening, including the process of nurturing seeds and encouraging them to grow. Patients work together to plant flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. The chef then uses these fresh ingredients in our daily meals. 

Now Accepting New Patients

It’s no secret that the demand for eating disorder treatment has increased in recent years. In order to better serve this need, we have increased our patient threshold and now have openings for immediate admission into our program. We offer expert, compassionate treatment with a focus on family involvement at a beautifully-designed facility. Along with the expansive grounds and various outdoor living spaces, this peaceful environment emphasizes the importance of healing and recovery. If you or your loved one needs residential eating disorder treatment in New Jersey, please reach out to our admissions team today.

In next month’s blog post, we’ll dive deeper into our new recreational activities and share details about the walking trail, frisbee golf course, and more!

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