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Eating Disorder Recovery in the New Year

eating disorder recovery in the new year

Despite what New Year’s resolution enthusiasts will tell you, every day is a good day to start a new habit. Goals set as New Year’s resolutions get a lot of credit for successful lifestyle changes, especially improvements in eating or exercising practices. While it’s great that healthy eating and regular exercise get the attention they…

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The History of Hidden River’s Property

history of hidden river property

The history of Hidden River tells a special story. More than one family has chosen Hidden River as their preferred eating disorder treatment program because of its beauty, visual splendor, and timeless aesthetic. Looking around the grounds, you can’t help but feel settled in a more simple time, especially when cozied around a warm fireplace.…

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Passing the Torch: Hidden River’s Leadership Team

Life at Hidden River is especially busy right now! We are excited to announce three significant updates within our leadership team.  Dr. Ken Willis, Founder – Chief Medical Officer Emeritus Following several decades of providing care, our Founder Dr. Ken Willis has transitioned into a new role as our Founder – Chief Medical Officer Emeritus.…

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The Connection Between Eating Disorders and Suicide

September is Suicide Prevention Awareness Month, a time when individuals, organizations, and communities across the country work together to decrease the stigma that suicide often carries and bring awareness to its devastating impact. Statistics show that suicide is one of the top causes of death for young people aged 10 to 24. It is the…

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How Patients at Hidden River Experience the Outdoors: Part Two

As we discussed in last month’s blog post, the beautiful Hidden River property plays a major role in our patients’ treatment during their time with us. Today, we want to showcase some additional recreational activities on our grounds, including the expanded walking trail, frisbee golf course, and other outdoor games.  Recreational Activities at Hidden River…

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How Patients at Hidden River Experience the Outdoors: Part One

When our patients and their families arrive at Hidden River, they are immediately surrounded by lush greenery, towering trees, a serene stream and pond, and various types of wildlife. It is important to our team that patients truly experience nature during their time in treatment. With that in mind, we have recently completed some changes…

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The Truth About Eating Disorders Among Minority Populations

eating disorders among minority populations

Recent events across the country, combined with effective advocacy efforts, have shed light on the fact that identity plays a large role in someone’s mental health – specifically if someone has a minority identity. Minority populations face harmful discrimination, which can be detrimental to their mental health, especially when it happens with frequent occurence. The…

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Maintaining a Positive Body Image During Eating Disorder Recovery

positive body image

One of the key elements of eating disorder recovery is developing and maintaining a positive body image. The National Eating Disorder Association defines body image as the thoughts, feelings, and perceptions that someone has about their physical appearance. When someone struggles with an eating disorder, their views of themselves as well as their self-talk often…

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What You Need to Know About Peer Pressure

group of adolescent girls

Everyone faces peer pressure at one time or another. Peer pressure is defined as “the influence wielded by others within the same social group.”  It also refers to the effect this influence has on a person to conform to be accepted by their peers. Although peer pressure is commonly cast in a negative light, it’s not…

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